Sunday, March 8, 2015

Descriptive text (Biography Afgan Syah Reza)

I have an idol. He is a singer from Indonesia. He is very handsome and smart. His voice is very good. His name is Afgan.  Afgan Syah Reza. He was born on 27 May 1989 in Jakarta. He is well known as a talented young singer. Afgan is quiet tall. His height is 170 cm. He has an oval face, short hair. He is easily known because there are dimples on his cheek when he is smiling and always wears glasses. . Afgan’s favourite music is pop, R & B, Soul and Jazz. That music influence his way to sing. Afgan likes eating. His favourite food is Balado Potato. He loves it because it’s delicious.
He always makes a good song with his voice. Because Afgan’s hobby, he starts his career to singing.  He has three albums until now. There are Confession No.1 , The One and l1ve to love. All songs are so nice. Sometimes Afgan recycles song with new arrangement and he can sing so nice. Because of  that, many musicians like Afgan. Then, Afgan has twenty appreciation. Such as, best male singer, favorite male artist, best album, etc.
On the other hand, Afgan cares with his education. Afgan once studied in University of Indonesia. The major is economic. And than Afgan studies in Monash University. The major is business economics. He makes decision to abroad in Malaysia, because he wants to know more about economic and he wants to be business man.  Afgan will finish his study in Malaysia two years later.
Next, as we know Afgan has many fans. The name is afganisme. The meaning of afganisme  from Afgan is without afganisme or fans there is no Afgan. Afganisme is like Afgan’s best friend and always gives spirit for Afgan’s career. Then, Afganisme is part of the important things for Afgan and he always gives the best performance for them, it seems he also often practices his voice and he always tries to increase his ability, so his fans are never bored with his skill . He is always welcome and humble with fans.
The conclusion, we may have a hobby but we must concern to the education and Afgan also does all his work or everything that well done prepare. That’s all about Afgan. He is my idol and I like him so much and always gives Afgan spirit for Afgan’s career.

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