Sunday, May 26, 2013

Contoh Sambutan Adik Kelas Pada Perpisahan (Bahasa Inggris)

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

My honorable headmaster of SMPN L. sidoharjo
Our respected teachers and parents of SMPN L. Sidoharjo students
And all of my beloved friends
Good Morning

First of all, let us Praise Allah who has given us his grace so that we can present in this place, in class IX farewell ceremony academic year 2012/2013. Prayers and peace always we are extended to our master Muhammad the Prophet of God, who has saved us from the time of ignorance towards zakariyah age.

Ladies and gentlemen,
This is the last day for all my brothers and sisters in this school. However, all what we have been through together a beautiful memories that will never be forgotten. There are many things that we have not had time to do together. The ninth class is a good example for us. Always giving us advice and guidance in learning. Is there anything more precious than togetherness? Togetherness  that makes us strong, smart, and brave in the good name of our school building.

An expression that is not unfamiliar to us, “where there is a meeting, there is separation”. Two years ago we met in this place, and also in this place, we split up. This is the inevitable destiny of human beings. We cannot fight time. Let it pass like flowing water.

Ladies and gentlemen,
My beloved brother and sisters, one message for you. You are good alumni and polite ones. Hold up the good nature and polite to people out there. Make it as a hallmark for alumni of our school. Keep the good name of our school wherever you are. Set in your hearts and minds of honesty and truth, surely you will be the ones who succeed in the future. Congratulations go through to higher education, brother! My God meet us again in the future.

That is all of us, sorry if there is mistake, thanks for your attention.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb
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